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They have a team of all-stars, and had us help develop their current site, as they prepare for launch. Our Founder, Andrew Medal, has been working with the guys for the past 2+ years. Check out the team below.

Prior companies include Virgin,, NBC Internet, CBS Sportsline. Started career working for Tony Robbins. Best-selling author of Launch! and Contributor to
favorite team: #lakers
favorite food: #carneasadaburrito
favorite hobby: #bodybuilding
thankful for: #family

DAN MCCORMICK Chief Technology Advisor
Original developer to CTO of Shutterstock. Built the initial technology department and grew infrastructure from one to thousands of servers. Led team through most successful technology IPO in NY history. Received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley.
favorite pastime: #music
favorite passion: #flying
favorite burrito: #supervegetarian
thankful for: #lifeandlove

Launch Project

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